These are the top ten words people most commonly misspell on their CVs


So you’ve put together the perfect cover letter, nailed the fancy header on your CV, and managed to get your job application in long before the deadline.

Don’t let a common misspelling let you down.

There are certain words jobseekers often get wrong on their CVs – and that managers will often use to rule people out of the running.

That mangling of describing yourself as a ‘perfectionist’ could be the difference between you getting skipped over and landing a job, so it’s worth knowing the places people most often slip up.

Handy, then, that, a platform that helps job applicants polish up their CVs, examined 2,000 CVs and polled more than 1,200 people to find out the words that are most commonly misspelled in resumés.

So, what are they? Read on, then check your own CV to make sure you’ve got these words right.

Most commonly misspelled words on CVs:

  1. Initiative
  2. Detail-orientated
  3. Perfectionist
  4. Management
  5. Professional
  6. Implemented
  7. Corresponding
  8. Achieved
  9. Accurate
  10. Succeeded

Getting those words right is important, as the research found that 73% of managers are put off when they see spelling mistakes on a CV.

Menno Olsthoorn, a spokesman for, said: ‘Quite a few people even misspelled the name of their employer (for example, MacDonald’s instead of McDonald’s).

‘Curriculum vitae was also misspelled regularly, while “professional” and “accurate” are two words that you really want to spell correctly.’

Time for another proofread?