How to Embed Facebook and Messenger on Your Website: 3 Best Ways to Use

//How to Embed Facebook and Messenger on Your Website: 3 Best Ways to Use

How to Embed Facebook and Messenger on Your Website: 3 Best Ways to Use

Selling on Facebook and Facebook Messenger is a great strategy to attract more customers and double your sales! Here is how to embed Facebook and Messenger on your website or online store!


Since more and more people find businesses and brands through Facebook, it is a smart idea to establish communication with your social followers. From posts and buttons to recommendations, comments, and feeds, you can introduce the visitors to your social side and allow them to purchase your products without leaving your website.


So, how to integrate Facebook with your website or online store?

We will show you the 3 best ways to do it:


1. Install a Widget or Plugin: If you are currently using WordPress, then you know there is a plugin for everything you need. When it comes to Facebook plugins, the social platform itself offers a selection of options to choose from, such as The Page Plugin, The Comments Plugin, The Quote Plugin, and etc. If you don’t want to use these options, you can always use third-party solutions.


2. Use a Facebook Button: According to the latest statistics, Facebook audiences are happy to engage with the brands and people they follow. As a matter of fact, Facebook users leave over 5 billion comments per month and they love clicking “Like”. Now, this is even more fun because of the various Facebook reactions. The simplest way to engage your target group on social media through your online store or website is to use Facebook embed buttons. There are 4 different options to choose from: The Like Button, The Share Button, The Send Button, The Save Button.


3. Use Embedded Facebook Posts: An excellent way to expand your social reach is by using embedded Facebook posts. These posts allow you to display specific posts on your website or online store. It is a fantastic strategy to share a great social example, highlight a brand achievement, quote a specific person or company, and more. To get the Facebook embed code from a specific post, you need to choose the post you want to show on your website, find the option “embed post” in the top-right corner and copy/paste the code into your website.


By using these helpful tips, you will successfully embed Facebook and Facebook Messenger on your website or online store!

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